in the studio

Arts based clinical supervision provides an opportunity for therapists to engage the experience of their professional work using the arts. The group will focus on theoretical perspectives and intervention strategies that support a resource oriented perspective in therapy. The group and the arts process is also intended to act as a container for the nurturing of the professional and personal development of the therapist. There will be plenty of time for clinical discussion, the presentation of individual client work, feedback and the discovery of new perspectives through the collaborative learning in the group.

Approaching the important work of supervision through the lens of creativity allows participants to the open to surprises and the depth of the impact of the therapeutic relationship. This approach also creates opportunities to acquire skills that may be applied directly to client work.

Methods used in this arts based supervision group include: contemplative reflection, visual art , writing, movement, role play, body centered exercises done in pairs (the Hakomi method) and collaborative verbal reflecting.

Arts based supervision groups are limited to a maximum of six participants. The groups are held one weekend a month for a period of four consecutive months and are six hours in length. These monthly groups are followed by a weekend supervision retreat that takes place at a time that is convenient for all participants. The supervision retreat provides an opportunity for participants to learn at a deeper level, and to begin to explore and acquire their own supervisory skills through discussions of the role of the supervisor and the experiential practice of supervisory skills. Arts based supervision hours qualify toward art therapy registration. Participants may attend consecutive groups over a longer period of time.

Arts based supervision groups are held on weekends throughout the year between January and May, and between September and December. Supervision retreat times are determined by the individual groups.

Please contact Heather for further information and registration.