The work that takes place in the studio is rooted in the belief that there is a restorative power at the heart of all creative work. This restorative power is about discovering and exploring a way of being. It has nothing to do with ideas such as talent or special abilities. Every person has the potential to live and respond creatively to the circumstances of life.

For most people the opportunity to discover and explore in a playful and curious manner diminishes as we mature. What was once a natural source of joy and a basis for profound learning becomes the practice of those viewed to have special skills. Life can be an adventure, but for many of us, the sense of curiosity and improvisation may have disappeared. Work at the studio encourages people to step beyond what they think is possible.

in the studio

The experience at the studio is often supported through the use of arts based materials such as paints or clay. Other times it is as simple as noticing and exploring a gesture, a movement or a sound. The literary arts are also offered as a place of exploration, through journal writing, storying and the recording of images. No art background or skill level is needed to participate successfully in the work that is offered, and most participants do not consider themselves to be 'artists'.

Offerings at the studio include weekly group sessions and weekend retreats that support the everyday practice of living a full and creative life. Some of these retreats and workshops are offered in collaboration with other presenters. There are also professional development courses that explore the practice of arts based therapy and professional/clinical supervision for groups and individuals. Individual sessions are also offered and serve as a container for in-depth personal process. Scholarships are available for most of the work that takes place in the studio.

For an appointment, information, or questions about Individual, group, family or couples' sessions, please contact Heather or phone 604.732.3636