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No workshops are currently scheduled. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or to be informed about future workshops.

In these workshops, participants use paint and clay to give physical form to their feelings, thoughts, and curiosity. These images may begin with exploration of a dream, a memory, or an emotion; a specific idea or simply an urge to doodle. This meaningful play often provides a new mode of expression which allows a lively, insightful relationship with personal imagery. The workshop includes a brief introduction to art therapy, an hour for art making, and ample time for discussion and processing of each participant's work.

The sessions offer a safe, supportive environment which respects the pace and limits of each group member. The cost is $55, including art materials, and no art training or skill is needed. The group size is limited to four, and is open to both women and men. Please call to pre-register. I welcome any questions you may have concerning the workshop, or about individual art therapy for men, women or children.

These workshops are scheduled about once a month. I also periodically offer small, on-going weekly art therapy groups for adults, as well as continuing men's art therapy groups. Please contact me for more information.

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